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Welcome to Beyonce Hair Extensions. Your complete source for hair extensions and hair extension products. Whether you are looking for a superstar hair style or just want to add volume and some highlights, Melissa and her team of dedicated staff provide professional hair extensions and are the number one choice for hair extensions and hair replacement. Her team of specialists is one of the biggest in New Zealand and unlike many of the hairdressing salons that offer hair extensions, Beyonce Hair Extensions are dedicated specialists in the application and aftercare of professionally applied hair extensions

You may probably have heard bad scary stories about hair extensions causing baldness etc. This can be true - they can cause traction or androgenic alopecia if they are not properly applied. As we all know that hair extensions are readily available off the net, without professional application you risk losing your hair due to incorrect hair distribution. Your hair can look great soon after the application but you would have brewed a long term problem for your scalp. I advise you to always use a qualified extensionist who will explain the application method and whether your hair is suitable for hair extensions or not.

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and young adults. But how do you know which ones are for you? There are permanent extensions, clip-in extensions, real hair and synthetic hair. There is a lot to think about when you are thinking about getting extensions and it's not something that should be taken too lightly.

Beyonce Hair

There are many questions you may have about hair extensions, our team can discuss these with you during consultation. Our services include a comprehensive free consultation, we also offer maintenance and aftercare appointments. Hair Safety is paramount at Beyonce Hair Extensions so clients who would like to use our services should visit us for an initial consultation. We offer all our clients a full range of hair extension systems such as Fusion system, Micro ring, Shrinkies, weaving, seamless or skin weft, hair replacement for people with thinning hair, clip in extensions, braiding, cornrows and dreadlocks. Our team prides itself on being at the cutting edge of the hair extension industry. We use all the latest techniques and products that are on the market. All our hair extensions are professionally trained at our hair extension academy to ensure the very best results every time.

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