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Professionally applied hair extensions are not to be confused with extensions from inexperienced technicians. Applying hair extensions professionally using excellent quality hair and skill in the weight and positioning are essential elements of professionally applied hair extensions.

Hair extensions are incredibly popular and are extremely versatile. Extensions come in such a wide range of colours and textures. They look so completely natural that no one should be able to tell you are wearing them, instead assuming your great new style is due to a fabulous cut or top-of-the-range products. In fact, the popularity of human hair extensions has grown to such an extent that many celebrities are rarely seen without them.

Most people choose to use them to lengthen or thicken their existing hair. Human hair extensions can be added to enhance the look of your hair. Natural Human Hair Extensions are the most popular form of extensions because they look and feel so natural and are so easy to wear. There are several ways of attaching real hair, but we choose the fusion system because we feel it is the safest method for your hair as the bonds have keratin. When it is time to remove them all you have to do is apply an alcohol based remover and the bond turns to powder and is gently combed out with little or no discomfort or damage to the hair. You have probably heard of hair extension horror stories, always use a qualified hair extensionist.

Hair Extension Systems

We can do all application systems and this is our list and how our custors and us rate them.

  • Fusion Hair System (Protein based extensions) ***** Five Stars Also known as protein based extensions. They use a keratin bond which acts as a protein to protect your hair where it is being bonded. They are fused into your hair strand by strand. This method takes up to 2 hours and can last from three to six months with regular maintenance. Normally we recommend that you come back every 6 weeks for maintenance. As your own hair grows, hair extensions tend to move down as well, so they need to be pushed up every other few weeks. This is our most popular method and I personally advocate for this method as I beleive the keratin in the bond do protect the hair to some extend. Do not confuse this method with glue extensions, this method only use protein bonds.
  • Weaving Hair System (Sewn In Weaves)***** Five Stars Weaving is an ancient technique used to add volume and length without the use of any resin. This extension is unnoticeable as the hair weave are sewn onto the natural hair, which has been braided underneath first and cannot be seen. Weaving is one of the best natural techniques used for extensions that does not damage hair, instead it protects the natural hair and allows the hair to grow, giving the hair a complete break from chemicals This method uses hair that comes on a long weft and is attached in rows. It is a good method in that it injects a full body of hair within minutes. Lasts from three to six months with regular maintenance, the hair is re-usable. Normally we recommend that you come back every 6 weeks for maintenance. As your own hair grows, hair extensions tend to move down as well, so they need to be pushed up every other few weeks. This is the prefeered method of most celebrities like kim and Chloe Kardashain,Beyonce, Rhianna.
  • Tape Hair Extensions (Skin Wefts) **** Four Stars These are the ultimate hair accessory for acheiving the most natural looking and undetectable weave . These premium skin wefts allow free flowing locs, Even if someone were to run their fingers through your hair, it is unlikely that they would really feel or see the tiny unit!!! The hair looks like it's growing from your scalp. The mono skin weft extensions are hand knotted hair and attached to very thin mono-skin base.. They are weightless, seamless, without bumps, they are completely invisible. Very Ideal for fine hair and all other types of hair textures. The application time is 60 minutes. Normally we recommend that you come back every 6 weeks for maintenance. As your own hair grows, hair extensions tend to move down as well, so they need to be pushed up every other few weeks. The only down side of this method is that, it can be high maintenance. The tapes can easily slide out and they need extreme care, thats why we gave this four stars.
  • Micro Ring System (Micro Link) *** Three Stars This method is also done strand by strand and it uses micro rings to attach hair extensions to your hair. Takes up to 2-3 hours to apply and extensions can last from three to six months with regular maintenance. This method can be high maintenance as the rings needs to be continually pushed up and tightened , the other down side is that your own hair is pulled through the metal ring, and the clap is used to flatted the ring, my concern is that your own hair can shed off over time. The silicon lined rings are recommended as they can act as a cushion between your hair and the ring, personally am not big fan for this method, but we can use this method if its our customer prefeered method.
  • Hair Replacement System This is a method especially designed for people with thinning hair, alopecia, tricho, male pattern baldness, and genetic hair loss, people that have gone through chemotherapy treatment and accident victims. We offer a comprehensive private consultation for this system. Ask us about the government grant for this system as you may be eligible for funding. See more details regarding this system on our hair replacement page.
  • Clip In Extensions - INSTANT LONG HAIR (change your look for less)***** Five Stars Beyonce Hair Extensions have a wide and beautiful range of clip in hair extensions produced in a variety of natural colours that should blend perfectly with your hair. Clip in hair extensions are temporary, interchangeable hair extensions that you can "clip on" to your natural hair. The advantages of using clip in extensions as opposed to professionally applied hair extensions are that you can play around with different colours and looks without the need for professional application. They are popular with balls, weddings as they can be applied within minutes.Easiest and convenient way to get long, luscious locks.


Beyonce Hair

The most important aspect of any hair enhancement service is proper maintenance. Although some stylists may state that certain extension methods can last up to 6 months without maintenance, or other methods may be able to "just grow out" this is NOT TRUE. This is the main reason hair enhancement services have a bad reputation, and the way hair is damaged by these types of services. When enhancements are properly maintained, both at home and in the salon by your enhancement professional, a healthy head will suffer no damage upon proper removal of your enhancement. Because many stylists make a large profit from initial applications, and because maintenance of the service is usually more time consuming and less profitable for a stylist, many establishments do not offer maintenance. Instead they will wait until a full head needs to be redone and the client will pay the entire application cost again, often every 3 to 6 months. At this point some damage has usually occurred to the natural hair. Be aware of any establishment that does not offer you a regular maintenance schedule or tells you an enhancement method does not require in salon maintenance.

Because of the natural growth of hair, no enhancement should be worn past 3 months without maintenance. There are non-arguable reasons for this.

What to expect when your hair extensions are in:


  • In addition to hair extension work, Glenn Kinsey of Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement in London, England, is one of UK's most successful presentation and spoken communication skills coach. In his coaching, he has noticed significant improvement in communication skills of clients who are happy with their hair.
  • There has been some research that certain methods of hair extensions can actually improve the condition of your natural hair. Over-processed and damaged hair is actually 'cocooned' inside the extension hair, thus protecting it.
  • It is the quickest way to get long hair. Growing out your hair – at the rate of 1/2-in. per month would take several years of patience.
  • Get a beautiful flowing hair style for a special event such as weddings, proms, dances, etc.
  • Transform hair thinning and alopecia issues instantly. We have developed methods specifically for hair thinning and alopecia patients, see our hair replacement page.


Beyonce Hair

Some Disadvantages

  • You may get headaches or neck strain. The extra weight of the human hair extensions may cause you to have headaches initially. Also, if your stylist is using any sort of braiding for the sewn-in extensions, fusion or micro rings there could be extra tension to the scalp. But this settles within a 3 day period.
  • Certain hair extension methods may impose limitations on styling your hair. If the bonds are applied too close to the hair line, they may be very visible when pulling your hair back in a pony tail. Also, because of the way some extensions are designed, your hair will look great when it is lying flat. But when the wind blows it exposes thinner hair underneath.
  • You will spend more time fixing your hair every day. Many companies claim that you treat your extension hair the same as you would treat your own hair. That is absolutely true!!!! Talk to anyone who has long hair and ask them how they take care of it! You will need to condition it on a regular basis and maybe use more hair care products than you normally would. Also, consider that it will take longer to dry, longer to style and longer to brush or comb out tangles. Long hair requires extra work. Be prepared to maintain the hair. Everyone responds differently to extensions, if your hair is extremely fragile or damaged, it may not be able to support the extra weight of the hair extensions but its practically impossible to know how your hair will respond before the application of extensions.
  • Using the recommended hair products is very important. Each method of attachment, whether it is bonding glue, wax or keratin based products, can be compromised by hair products that break down the bonds. DO NOT USE SHAMPOOS THAT CONTAIN ANY CIRTIC ACID, LAURYL SULPHATE.
  • If you are suffering from alopecia, severe hair thinning, balding or are going through chemotherapy, hair extensions may worsen your condition. You may want to consider non surgical hair replacement.

Swimming and Hair Extensions

Beyonce Hair

Swimming with hair extensions does not have to be avoided as long as extra precautions are taken to prevent damage. There are many recommended ways to properly maintain the quality of the hair extensions, however, excessive chlorine / salts can eventually take a toll on the hair. Many have recommended braiding the hair prior to swimming or wearing a swimmers cap to protect hair. Remember, virgin hair is human hair and may react differently with each situation. Swim at your own risk. Here are some useful tips to protect your hair extensions:

  • Put conditioner in your hair before swimming. Rinse hair immediately after getting out of the pool to prevent any chlorine settling in the hair and cause further damage.
  • To maintain a healthy moisturized look, make a leave-in conditioner at home by diluting conditioner (10%) with water (90%). Mix conditioner in a spray bottle and apply onto your hair then comb through.
  • Avoid getting hair in salt water; it can strip all the moisture out of the hair causing it to tangle.
  • Dry hair after swimming and make sure to completely dry the base of the head. Do not sleep with wet hair to prevent mold and odor.
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